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General Aviation


  • Interactive Point Forecasts
  • Interactive Skew-T Log-p
  • Cloud Forecasts
  • Wind Forecasts
  • Turbulence Forecasts
  • Thermal Forecasts
  • Storm Forecasts



  • Interactive Route Planning
  • Interactive Wave X-sections
  • Interactive Skew-T Log-p
  • Thermal Forecasts
  • Wind Forecasts
  • Storm Forecasts
  • Wave & Convergence Forecasts


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  • Custom Forecasts for:
  • Research
  • Record breaking
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Drones
  • Defence

What People Say

Adam Woolley

Australian Champion

"I particularly like the convergence feature, especially linked with my LX9000. Scarily accurate, which is allowing me to exploit conditions that others aren't easily able to take advantage of. "

Arne Boye-Moller

13x Danish Champion

"With SkySight I can make the best of a gliding day. The cross-sectional task planning is a center piece in exploiting the day's weather"


We offer a 7-day free trial period for you to test SkySight and see if it suits your needs.

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What People Ask

Does SkySight forecast for my region?
SkySight forecasts for most regions where there are glider pilots - including; Most of Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina and Brazil.
What devices does SkySight work on?
SkySight supports all modern browsers (we recommend Chrome for best compatability), on all platforms. Our website is designed to function on all screen sizes, although some advanced features require larger screen sizes.
Is there an app?
We are focused on making our website have the best experience on all platforms - so we think an app is not necessary and just visiting our website on your device is all that is necessary.
Can I use SkySight for my competition or event?
Please contact us at - we love supporting competitions and events, not only with free access, but sponsorship and prizes.

Our Team

Matthew Scutter

Lead Developer
Junior World Champion

Dr. Sophie Curio



Visualizations Engineer

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SkySight Weather Pty Ltd (622643805)

70 Main North Road, Willaston, SA, Australia