SkySight is the next generation soaring weather forecast for Australia & NZ, South Africa, Europe, North & South America, and Japan

  • 5+ days forecast range

  • Half-hourly time steps

  • High resolution forecasts

  • Route forecasts

  • SkewT forecasts

  • Modern user interface

  • Phone & Tablet friendly

SkySight's unique design and infrastructure allows it to deliver a number of features, including:

  • Extremely high resolution forecasting - better for convergence, wave and mountains
  • Specialized, up-to-date terrain, soil and crop data loaded into the model
  • Clean, modern interface, with support for mobile and tablets
  • 5+ days forecast range
  • Under active development - new features all the time

SkySight is the result of years of development, leveraging a number of open source and proprietary software packages, coupled with specialized datasets for our forecast areas.

SkySight has been under development for several years, and has been carefully tuned for soaring conditions globally.

SkySight has been used to break a number of distance and altitude records across all soaring disciplines, and is the choice of several winning teams at World Gliding Championships

We hope SkySight's large forecast area, superior forecast quality, and long forecast range will be behind the fall of many records present and future

  • Can I get SkySight for my competition?

  • When is SkySight coming to my area?

    • We're trying to cover underserviced areas first, Australia, NZ, USA, Europe.

  • Can I have this feature?

    • SkySight is under active development, and we'd love to hear from you as to the features you want and need so we can prioritize accordingly.

SkySight is available on a monthly or yearly subscription, in US Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR).

Our yearly subscription is offered at a discount according to the flyable months of the year.

  • Monthly: 9.99$ USD, 9.99€ EUR or 8.99£ GBP

  • Yearly: 79$ USD, 79€ EUR or 69£ GBP

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